A thriving local community for all

Our Philosophy


Reshaping Miami Beach for the next generation.


Our Mission

Kahunah Properties’ mission is to enhance the physical, social, and emotional well-being of all NoBe inhabitants, strengthening the local community, and increasing civic engagement by sustainably reshaping the built environment.

As strong proponents of true urbanism, as well as sustainability and public health, we take pride in supporting active modes of transportation, such as walking, biking, and public transit.

The principles of true urbanism propose a "city of short distances" where a more holistic transportation approach makes possible commuting via pedestrian, cyclist, and public transportation networks; while traffic and its noise and air pollution are substantially reduced.

True urbanism respects each city's unique identity – its DNA –, and considers the city a work of art. The city's identity is further expressed through its public art.

The principles of true urbanism generate cities that are both ecologically sustainable, by reducing energy consumption, emphasizing infill and reconstruction rather than greenfield development, and socially sustainable, by promoting the individual's social, mental and physical well-being and the community's cultural, economic and social well-being.


Immersive community involvement and advocacy to inspire and enhance the quality of life for all.


Our Values


To engage politically and take a stand for positive change, combating the current negative impact of our built environment and its physical, social, and mental health implications. To implement urban design and planning practices that will make our city more livable for children, elders, and those of limited resources. To emphasize ethical land use patterns that reduce extreme economic disparities.

Resilience & Sustainability.

To offer planning based on the principles of economic viability, environmental resiliency, and social equity.


To harness the values, principles, and perspectives of integrated disciplines that are at the nucleus of planning.

Community Service.

To serve as a resource for the community by providing ideas, solutions, funding, research, advocacy, and inspiration.


To lead from the front – prepared, accountable, and with innovative responses in raising awareness, challenging conventional fears and providing solutions.