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About Us


Company Overview

Kahunah Properties is a resilient and sustainably driven development group operating at the intersection of real estate investment and holistic community-building.

Strategic placemaking and a state of the art urbanist approach to meet the changing demands in housing.


Redefining Miami Beach for the next generation by introducing urban living in a beach life style setting.


Our Approach

The world is changing and, with it, the approach to developing the cities and communities of the future.

That’s why Kahunah Properties’ vision is to be a leader in the design and development of resilient coastal communities that can withstand and thrive through the changing climate and global challenges of the next 100 years and beyond; presenting a model of living that sustainably offers the best options for wellness and health, work, dining, shopping, and culture in an oceanside environment.


“In order to truly elevate a community, a critical and honest approach must be deployed to create a canvas where transformational projects will meld into the natural environment. This approach incorporates a myriad of disciplines that sometimes seem to be at odds but cooperate to make a vibrant Live Work Play destination. The essential ingredient is diversity manifested in shared experiences.”

Matis N. Cohen

Managing Principal

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